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Choosing a Rockwood Beagles Puppy

Layla Beagles are our hobby, not our business. We have only one or two litters each year. We breed selectively with concern for the breed and our future puppy owners. Our Beagles are sold with a written contract and health guarantee. They are raised in our home and as part of our family, and as such, will not be easily parted with. We screen our prospective homes as carefully as we hope you screen Beagle breeders.

We love the sport of pure-bred dogs and we breed primarily to produce excellent show dogs for ourselves. We evaulate our litters at 10 weeks of age to determine which puppies are potential show quality and which are pet quality. Your 'pet quality' Beagle will be a beautiful animal - only a breeder or judge is likely to be able to tell one of our pet quality puppies from a show quality one. Only when we have evaluated the litter will we know for certain how many, if any, puppies will be available for pet homes. Because Beagles continue to change as they grow, a dog that we may have originally evaluated as having show potential may not acutally mature into a show quality specimen. Even after earning his or her championship, we may decide that a dog is not quite the perfect fit for our breeding program. For this reason, we occasionally have older puppies or young adults available for placement in pet homes. A finished champion dog has a history of varied experiences and is accustomed to being handled by strangers and may be the ideal pet for a family with younger children.

We seek the best possible homes for the dogs that we do not choose to use in our breeding program, and we remain committed to their health and well-being for their entire lives. When you purchase a Rockwood puppy, you are not just acquiring a new family member but all the extended family that comes with him! You should be prepared to remain in contact with us throughout the life of your Beagle. We keep track of our Beagles after they are placed to see that both the dog and the family are happily adjusted, to maintain an open communication for any questions or concerns you may have, and to keep records on the health, genetics, and social experiences of each dog. Not only are we interested in your dog's well-being, we must study the dogs that we breed as they grow into adults to continue to improve our lines.


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