Bailey in sox

Ch. Willwood's Cool Irish Cream (Bailey)
December 4, 2002 - January 30, 2008
"One" (Bailey's signature song)

To Bailey from Carmen

Bailey was only really mine for a little second…perhaps that happy ride home from Jim and Allen’s with a sulking George next to me. Lucy didn’t believe I’d come home with another dog, but wouldn’t you know it, soon she was teaching her to roll on her back and beg to be petted, which became her signature greeting.

-She got Dad to lay on the floor and hand feed her cottage cheese and rice (the man who told me to get my stinking dog of his bed is now a true convert)

-She got Cindy to sleep and watch football with a dog…and more importantly she got Cindy to stop both activities with one little whine and pleading glance.

-She got Cara to take dog showing a little more calmly and with more confidence (and would you look how far she’s come because of it)

-She got me to actually step foot in a show ring (truly miraculous).

-She got us all to pack “secretly” so as to avoid her tormented whines.

-She got us to snuggle with her.

-She got us to do exercise (all those times she escaped and we had to chase her down).

-She got Georgie to behave a little more civilly towards other dogs.

-She got Brain to put up with dogs.

-She made Stephen a wonderful first pet and devoted companion (thank you for loving her)

-She was aunt Marilyn’s little secretary (no one takes better care of my dogs)

-She got Parker to actually walk while on a walk.

-She raised a darn good Kit.

Though her drama queen, bratty little quirks sometimes demanded that little extra heaping of cottage cheese, but it’s plain to see that she more that she did so much for us with that joy and utter happiness she so willingly gave us.

She was a dog with an ordinary name but a an extraordinary personality, a truly “Singular sensation!”

We miss you little one but are grateful for the joyful little memories you left behind.

Carmen January 31, 2008
Bailey & Billie at the Good Place

Miss Bailey the therapy dog
They loved her at The Good Place!
Therapy Dog Bailey


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