Rockwood Beagles at Home

Oliver Takin' It Easy
Analise & Jack
Jack Tells Analise All About It
Layla and Sophie
Tag -- You're It!
Rockwoods Gold Dust Woman (Layla) and Friend Sophie
Layla in snow
Should Have Worn My Booties!
Layla in Snowdrift - 2009 Winter Storm
Crilla in the Snow
Can We Make a Snowman?? PLEASE??
Rockwoods First Heartbeat (Crilla)
Penny in the snow
Is that Hot Chocolate Ready Yet?
Rockwoods Heart of Chippewa Hills (Penny)
Parker in the leaves
Grand Old Man
Parker - photo by Carol Power
Parker therapy dog
Everybody Loves a Beagle!
Parker Makes a Therapy Appearance
Celine Swims
Who Says Beagles Aren't Water Dogs?
Rockwoods Power of Love (Celine) Goes For a Swim
Amo swims
I Couldn't Agree More!
Rockwoods Jack of Hearts (Amo) Does a Lap, Too!
Parker has a boo boo
I Have a Boo Boo - Can I Have Another Cookie?
Parker Milking It...
Elliot in the Laundry
There's No Bed Like Warm Laundry...
Elliot Looking Innocent
Elliot on a boat
I Think I'll Just Stay Dry
Elliot Takes a Cruise
Can't we Come Too???
Can't We Come, Too???
Elliot and Friend on Watch
Brand new puppies
Now Comes The Fun Part...
Geneieve With New Mom Crilla
Waaaah to You Too!
Cara with Baby Celine
Celine 3 days
Destined For Great Things...
Celine at 3 Days Old
Play Date
This Play Date's Gone Terribly Wrong
Crilla and Big Puppies!
Best Buddies
Ahhhhh... Bes Friends!
Celine and Her Best Friend, Gianni
Elliot and friend
Everyone Should Have a Best Friend...
Elliot and HIS Best Friend!
The Best Toys in Life Are Free
Celine and Pine Cone
Celine and kleenex
Sometimes The Best Toys Are Stolen...
Celine and Kleenex
Celine hiding in grass
Now You See Her...
Celine Hiding in the Grass
Apres Swim
Celine Air Dries After a Dip in the Lake

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